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When you work with Moheet Al Hisab, forming a company or starting a business in Dubai is quick and easy. We will assist you in incorporating a business in the Mainland, an offshore jurisdiction, or a free trade zone. Our company formation and registration advisors in Dubai and the UAE have years of experience helping businesses get started.

Our team of expert Business set up consultants in UAE is here to lend a hand when it comes to establishing a company in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. We provide comprehensive business and company establishment services in the UAE, meeting the demands of any startup in one convenient location.

One organization stands out as the clear choice for anyone searching for a reliable business setup in Dubai, whether on the Mainland or in a free trade zone. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your Dubai business will be set up properly, from trademark registration to opening a business bank account and beyond. Our consultants help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life.

Best business setup consultants in Dubai:

Being the best business setup consultants in Dubai, our advisors provide guidance and support as you establish your firm in a way that best serves your current and long-term goals.

Free Zone Business Setup Dubai :

Business owners looking to get their feet wet have plenty of options, but Dubai is an especially fertile setting thanks to the city’s thriving economy. Generally speaking, the services available after registering in a Free Zone are extensive. Of course, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the best country in the Middle East; here, most individuals are running trading firms, and a free zone business setting is perennially popular.

It’s the best option for would-be investors who want to maximize their returns through company formation. With the right information and professional assistance, establishing a company in a Dubai-free zone is now a breeze. Everyone can benefit greatly from utilizing the best agencies to form a free zone corporation in the United Arab Emirates. Establish your business in a free zone if you’re keen on doing business.

Mainland Business Setup Dubai:

Many people who want to establish their businesses go to the Mainland because of this. It’s a great place to set up your shop, thanks to the abundance of available resources. One intriguing aspect of this method is that individual and business tax obligations are completely sidestepped. Such specialized amenities make Mainland an attractive location for anyone considering a permanent or branch office. Establishing a company in an unfamiliar area can be challenging. It is because starting a firm from scratch is a complex task that involves extensive research and careful deliberation about the relevant legalities and commercial realities.

Offshore Business Setup in Dubai:

When starting an Offshore Company, choosing a foreign jurisdiction is crucial to shield its assets from domestic legal action. A corporation that establishes itself in all relevant jurisdictions may qualify for preferential tax treatment in other countries and reap the rewards of expanding investments abroad. Years of research have gone into our comprehensive guide on company formation, which will walk you through the process step by step.

Whether you prefer to form a corporation or an LLC, we’ll walk you through the entire process. We make it simple for you to open a bank account tailored to your company’s needs. Establishing a virtual office is another service we provide, and we do it expertly and to a high degree. We are the best business setup consultants in Dubai, where our team of experts really shines when it comes to recommending the best business structure for your unique situation.

Trade Mark Registration in Dubai:

In the business world, a trademark is any distinguishing logo or symbol that identifies a company or product as being associated with that business. Words, names, signatures, pictures, symbols, shapes, colors, seals, designs, slogans, advertisements, and even package labels can all be trademarked individually or in combination. Giving customers, investors, and industry professionals confidence in the company’s commitment to quality helps establish that commitment and boosts the company’s reputation. Companies should register trademarks that instantly conjure up images of their wares. Incorporating a trademark into a product or service increases the likelihood of the company making a profit.

Trademark registration in Dubai has many advantages:

Distinct Personality:

It safeguards what makes your company special.

Rights Reserved:

Any trademarks, service marks, or trade names associated with your business are solely your property.

Anti-Infringement Measures:

Puts a stop to copycats by making it illegal for others to use the same or similar marks or signs.


It raises the brand’s stature and value, turning it into something of monetary worth that may be licenced or franchised.

License Liquidation in Dubai:

We can advise you on whether or not company liquidation is the best option for you, and if it is, which liquidation method would be most helpful in your specific situation if you are thinking about closing your business. Our team can also assist you in drafting the necessary liquidation paperwork, such as a board resolution, power of attorney, liquidator’s statement, audit, and more.

UAE Company Liquidation Procedures:

Appointment of a liquidator by the firm board or partners.

Confirmation in writing that the liquidator agrees to take on the role.

The liquidator will submit a request for a liquidation certificate.

The liquidator will place notices in many UAE publications announcing the company’s dissolution.

The statement will inform debtors of the deadline by which they must file claims.

The partners and the liquidator will file a claim for a declaration of no opposition. If the liquidator needs more time to complete their work, they might ask the partners for it.

The Liquidator shall get all necessary governmental approvals and papers and submit them for final cancellation.

A certificate of deregistration will be issued by the company’s registrar office once the application has been approved (cancellation).

We offer the following services to businesses:

1. Business Support
  • Business Setup in UAE
  • License Formation
  • Sponsorship Arrangement
  • All kinds of PRO Services
  • Labour/Immigration Works
  • Tasheel Services
  • Typing & Documents Clearing
  • Photocopy Printing
  • Translation Services
  • Certificate Attestation
  • Visit Visa Services
  • Emirates ID Typing
  • Medical Typing
  • Dubai Municipality Health Card
  • Office Ejari/Estidama Services
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Normal and Legal Translation
  • Office/Warehouse Arrangements
  • Golden Visa Services

2. Banking

  • Bank Account Opening Support
  • Bank Facility Arrangement
  • Bank Project Report Presentation
  • Other Banking Supports
3. Other Services
  • ESR Submission
  • Facilitating ICV certification
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Management / Report
  • Financial Planning & Budget preparation
  • Financial Advisory & CFO services

4. Golden Visa Services

  • Partner / Investor Golden Visa
  • Employees Category Golden Visa ( Basic Salary above AED 30K )
  • Subject Expert & Professional Golden Visa

5. Anti Money Laundering Services (AML)

  • AML Registration
  • AML Policy for cash acceptance
  • AML Report Submission(Online)

Why choose Moheet Al Hisab for setting up your Business in Dubai:

We’ve helped many people in business set operations in Dubai. Finance and tax are business people’s biggest constraints. As a tax haven for enterprises, Dubai is a tax refuge for businesses. Dubai’s administration has taken significant steps recently to make it a great destination for businesses to launch.

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